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Blooming Moon Spa
  • 5 out of 5
Lauretta S.

Lauretta S.

Portland, OR
August 31, 2014

I LOVE this spa! I had a wonderful massage and pedi at Blooming Moon and it's so so close to my house.

Portland & Alabama Environmental News

Toxic algae warning expanded for Oregon's Willamette River

PORTLAND Ore. (Reuters) - Tests have confirmed that a green film shimmering on the surface of the Willamette River as it f...

Shared by Ecobird .. 2 days ago

Zoobombing: Portland phenom...
Zoobombing: Portland phenomenon of grown-ups speeding d...

What began as an impromptu nighttime ride is now a weekly Portland institution, which characterizes itself as an "ope...

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Fire burns near Estacada-area campground on Oregon 224

The 30-acre blaze was believed to be started by target shooters.

Shared by Ecobird .. 1 week ago